Upgraded blog!

After several years of a partially functional version of a simple blog program that I wrote for a CS databases class but never completely finished, I’ve decided to increase my use of technology by installing WordPress on my webserver so I can do more serious blogging, and you can add comments. I think I’ve written a WordPress theme so that it integrates flawlessly with my website, but I’m sure I’ll be ironing out kinks for a little while. Let me know how you think things look.

Unfortunately at some point I have to deal with the html blog that I have been generating since 2002. I doubt I can import it directly to WordPress because it’s in a format I developed for my own use. I really don’t want to re-enter every entry manually, but unfortunately that might be my only option.

2 thoughts on “Upgraded blog!

  1. Hi Dan, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Hopefully you’ll be able to cut & paste and not have to type in every single one of your old posts. You’ve had a blog for a long time! Here I thought they were a pretty new phenomenon – I guess humanities majors really are behind. 🙂

  2. Hi Dan!
    I like your new website…and especially the great pictures of you, Heather, and Laura! The pics of you skiing grass are pretty cool, too. Dad was intrigued!

    Anyway, now I know what you have been busy with lately! I am looking forward to hearing about your Easter ski adventures. Let’s talk soon!

    Love, Mom

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