Smashing Pumpkins are back

with the release of “Zeitgeist” yesterday:

I downloaded it yesterday morning and have listened to a few times times cranked up nice a loud on my now finally working stereo. I recently fixed the subwoofer, which broke 3 years ago when I shipped it to Boston. Less angry than songs on some of their previous albums (i.e. Zero, Bullet with Butterfly Wings), but not as annoyingly happy as that album from Zwan, probably because they return of mostly minor chord progressions. My favorite track is #6, “Starz”. Jimmy Chaimberlin once again has big role in creating the sound of the band. Overall it’s a really good album, and they did a good job of re-capturing the sound that made them successful while at the same time moving into new territory. Altnough they may never be able to top some of their previous albums (Siamese Dream, Pisces Iscariot, or Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness), it’s nice to have them back.

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  1. Last weekend I picked up 2 tickets to see the Pumpkins at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on October 15th. I got lucky with the Ticketmaster website, because it’s a small venue and the show sold out really fast.

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