Wisconsin skiing

Yesterday Jerry, Mike, Nathan and I went skiing at Wilmot Mountain, southeast Wisconsin’s world renown ski and snowboard resort. With a 230′ vertical drop, skiers from all over northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin flock to tame its awesome slopes. You could literally be right next to the mountain and not even realize it’s there. Oh, I also forgot to mention that the reason there’s even a hill there at all is because it’s a landfill. We used to go there with middle school ski club, and it was really funny to be back. I wore jeans and a really ugly 80’s jacket and goggles. I used my dad’s old pair of Kastle’s from ~1985. I think they were 210cm.

80's style skiing at Wilmot

I tried to hit some rails with amusing results. We had forward races, backward races, one-foot races, binding wars, and through-the-legs skiing challenges. And we ate fried cheese curds dipped in cheese sauce. And on the way back we hit up the Jew Express:

Jew Express