Engaged on Mt. Adams!

More details to come later…

Courntey's engagement ring Top of Mt. Adams

Last weekend my girlfriend Courtney and I and hiked Mt. Adams in New Hampshire with two other friends from church (Shannon Fogwell and her boyfriend Dave). I proposed to Courtney at the top of King Ravine, a short distance below the summit, and she said yes! I had given Shannon and Dave a heads-up about the proposal, so after we took a break at a nice scenic point at the top of King Ravine, Shannon and Dave packed up their packs and I suggested they go on to the summit and Courtney and I would catch up. We both had to go to the bathroom. When Courtney and I were ready to go, I pulled out the ring and we enjoyed several precious minutes together watching the clouds clear over this beautiful landscape:

King Ravine, Mt. Adams

I chose to propose on a hike because we first met on a hike and we we both love the outdoors. I chose Mt. Adams because I figured Courtney was probably expecting the proposal to come on our upcoming trip this August to the Sierra Nevadas. I figured she especially wasn’t expecting a proposal on a trip with other friends.

Courtney and I first met hiking nearby Mt. Washington, the tallest mountain in the northeast, more than a year ago. Although Mt. Washington has sentimental value for both of us, we like to joke about the autoroad and cog railway that take tourists to the a cafeteria, gift shop, and museum at the top. I chose Mt. Adams because it’s the tallest mountain in the northeast with a natural summit. There is also a great view of Mt. Washington from the top of Mt. Adams, and since both mountains are close to home, Courtney and I can return often to hike them.

Mt. Adams panorama

3 thoughts on “Engaged on Mt. Adams!

  1. Congradulations does she ski.What will she do to the guy trips it is ok if you bring her alone It might force you Dad to slow down so I can keep up with him in my middle age.My best wishes to both of you. George Andreae

  2. Howdy from Iowa! I’m Courtney’s cousin and just wanted to say a big welcome to the Elder clan. I suppose you know you are getting one sweet girl! Congratulations!

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