Skiing Palmyra Peak

After two days of powder and clouds at Telluride, the weather finally cleared on Wednesday, and we hiked and skied Palmyra Peak (elevation 13,320 ft).  It definitely had the best snow and best views in Telluride.

Palmyra Peak, Tellurde, CO

The peak is 1,500 vertical feet above the Prospect lift, and the hike took about 1 hour, 40 minutes.  It was grueling but worth it.  It effectively ended our ski day!  There were a few difficult to navigate bands of rock, and several stretches of loose rock.  This picture taken from Gold Hill, shows the entire hike.  The Prospect lift is on the right end of the ridge.

Palmyra Peak and Black Iron Bowl viewed from Gold Hill, Telluride, CO

From the top of Palmyra Peak you get this spectacular 360 degree views of the San Juans.  The peak comes to a point that is about 10 ft wide at the top.

Panoramic view from Palmyra Peak, Telluride, CO

2 thoughts on “Skiing Palmyra Peak

  1. Dan, this is great stuff!!! The mountain scenery is awesome. I think it’s wonderful that you and your Dad get to do all these neat things together.
    Grammy Vira

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the pictures! We had a great time on the trip. It was difficult to capture to the scenery around us. This area of Colorado has a high density of 14,000 ft peaks, and there were great views in every direction. When I get a chance, I plan to post some pictures from Silverton. Check back soon.

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