Katahdin Reflection

Dave, Shannon, Courtney and Dan at the Roaring Brook parking lot.

Back at the beginning of October we took our yearly hiking trip to Mt. Katahdin with Shannon and Dave. This year we backpacked to Chimney Pond and stayed in a lean to rather than camping at Roaring Brook. This allowed us to do a longer day hike which included Hamlin Peak. We backpacked in on the first day, hiked the second day, and backpacked out on the third day. The first night we had a ton of rain and strong winds, but things cleared up and we had perfect weather for our hike. The last day we hiked out in the rain unfortunately, but the clear weather for the loop was worth it.

We got a great view of the Knife Edge from Pamola Peak:

The Knife Edge viewed from Pamola Peak.

We really enjoyed adding Hamlin Peak to the loop. That area is much less crowded than Baxter Peak, and the alpine meadow is really nice (and covered with blueberries). You also get a great view on the way down with ravines on both sides. The descent from Hamlin Peak might be my new favorite Baxter Park trail.

Courtney approaching the top of Hamlin Peak.

On the last day we awoke to a perfectly still Chimney Pond. However a couple hours later for our hike out it started to rain. I got two great panoramas of the lake, including one of the reflection of the Knife Edge in the water. The water was calm enough that the different peaks are identifiable.

The Knife Edge reflecting in Chimney Pond on a calm morning.

Chimney Pond and Baxter Peak panorama.