Google Maps driving directions to Europe

Last weekend when my sisters were visiting, I used Google Maps to get driving directions from Boston to Manchester, MA. However, I was ambiguous about which Manchester, and Google maps gave me driving directions from Boston to Manchester, England. I’ll let that sink in. The directions tell you to go Long Wharf and then swim across the Atlantic Ocean to France, and take a slight right. It even allocates 29 days of time for the swim, which is 3,462 miles. I’m not a swimmer, but to complete this leg you’d have to average 5mph, which sounds impossible. I’ve been looking for other places that return crazy directions, but unfortunately it seems like you only get to go swimming if your driving between the US and Europe.

Mississippi Braves AA manger goes crazy

This AA Braves coach freak-out may be the greatest ejection of all time. I wonder if he thought this stuff up on the fly, if it was partly premeditated, or if he does stuff like this all the time. Covering the plate with dirt and drawing in a much bigger plate? Using the resin bag like a grenade and lobbing it at the umpires? Pure genius!

Ugly picture on

We all know that the Yankees suck, but why do they have to be so ugly in their sucking? Today I went to the Yankees’ website to look up their schedule, and I was greeted with this disturbing picture of Yankee pitcher Jeff Karstens. This picture really should have been blurred out or had some warning about graphic content that you have to click through before you see it:
Jeff Karstens