We’re running out of bandwagons to jump on in Boston. I can’t say I watched more than a few regular season Celtics games this year, but Celtics did an amazing job of scrapping together a team of fighters that played good defense and got the job done. Watching them completely destroy the Lakers last night was amazing and seemed like a good way to win. There is no question that they were better. There was also the usual Boston-style post-championship rioting.

Side note – does anyone know what Kevin Garnett is talking about in this post-game interview?

It’s interesting that even though the Celtics are a historically successful team, you didn’t hear anything about them in Boston until part way through this season. I gues they hadn’t done much recently to get excited about and the Red Sox and Patriots were stealing all the attention. But I also wonder if the NBA has lost popularity. I haven’t really been an NBA fan since Jerry Reinsdorf’s destruction of the Bulls in 1999. I’ve tried, but now I just like baseball better. I can’t decide if the NBA was more popular and exciting during the 90’s or if my perception of the NBA’s popularity was skewed because I grew up in Chicago. It seemed like everyone everywhere cared about basketball. There was the Dream Team, Jordan, Pippen, Brid, Magic, Ewing, Rodman, etc. Maybe the marketing machine behind Michael Jordan just can’t be matched. Maybe it was because the Bulls were the only good team in Chicago (well, the White Sox were ok, but there was the baseball strike). Maybe basketball was more popular.