Ski season is over…except for Tuckermans

It’s sad, but unfortunately Killington is closing today. I can’t keep denying that it’s not yet spring, although spring skiing this year was epic, even though the resorts didn’t have enough employees left to operate all their lifts. This spring is especially depressing because of the bleak outlook for next year. The ASC resorts have been broken up and sold, because ASC seems to care only about The Canyons. Hopefully now that the resorts are in competition, they will have good deals, discounts, and cheap season passes, but given the lift ticket prices at places like Stowe, maybe that’s wishful thinking. I may be skiing Mad River Glen a lot next year, because I can get a college pass for ~$200.

Luckily I still have a couple of runs to be skied at Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mt. Washington…although the ~20 minutes of skiing requires 6 hours of hiking. I will be there next weekend, weather permitting.

Last weekend I went on the MIT GSC Ski trip to Sunday River. We had an awesome time, despite the fact that Sunday River continues to groom every square inch of their mountain. I stayed in a condo with a bunch of people from the Langer Lab. The best part was, when we were leaving on Sunday afternoon, the bus was backing out of the parking lot put its back wheels into a snow bank, and got stuck! They had to call in some huge hick-sized tow truck which eventually got the bus out, but at this point the back wheels on the bus were bent sideways. So they had to call in a new bus from BOSTON! Overall it added ~8hrs to our trip, but at least we got free beer and food at the Sunday River base lodge! Here are some pictures taken by other people in my condo:

Grace’s Pictures

Abe’s Pictures

So I hate Sunday River ski area almost as much as the Yankees and University of Michigan. They have two types of runs, over-groomed, and closed. This is ALWAYS the case, everytime I have gone there. I don’t like skiing either. I’m not going there again for a long time. At least they had a half-decent terrain park.