Tonight Suelin, Mat, and I attempted to make our own sushi, and it actually came out great!

Making sushi

My parents gave me a bunch of sushi making supplies last year for Christmas, and I finally got around to using them. The main reason I hadn’t used them earlier was that I was concerned I was going to eat bad fish and kill myself. But after a lot of looking I found a sushi-grade fish distributor in Boston – Sea to You. We had a book describing what to do which was helpful, but we had no idea how much of the different ingredients we needed. It turned out that rice was the limiting factor for us. Surprisingly, the rolls use only a very small amount of the vegetables. The following amounts will make 3-4 rolls and some sashimi and use up all of the fish and rice:

  • 1lb sushi fish
  • 4 cups prepared rice
  • I went out for sushi last night with a bunch of friends from materials science. I was reminded that sushi is awesome.