Red Sox rolling rally!

Although it wasn’t as exciting as 2004 (thank you national league for another boring Series), the Red Sox won the World Series again!!! It’s sad that the National League is so bad now. Maybe the American Leauge teams with large payrolls are stealing talented players from the National League? Anyway, unlike 2004, I was around to see the championship parade! Here’s two good pictures of us:

p1010130.JPG p1010132.JPG

It was a beautiful day and everyone was so excited. The Dropkick Murphy’s had their own flatbed truck in the parade, and we learned afterward that Papelbon was on the float, dancing jigs when it stopped. There were some good chants too – “Sign Mike Lowell!” and “Don’t sign A-Rod!”. One guy had a sign that said: “A-Rod: Mr. April, Miss October”. After the parade there was some sky writing – an airplane wrote “Red Sox” in the sky above Boston. It was really cool and I tried to take some pictures of it, but by the time he had finished “Sox”, most of the “Red” had already disappeared.

I bought my Red Sox tickets on Saturday. I used 7 computers and approximately 600-800 browser windows to get the job done. I have tickets for the following games:

5/12 vs Rangers
6/9  vs Rangers
6/19 vs Nationals
6/21 vs Nationals
9/1  vs Blue Jays
9/4  vs White Sox
9/5  vs White Sox
9/6  vs White Sox