Back a few weeks ago I bought some slide film and busted out my old-school Nikon film SLR. Here is a nice shot of Boston that I took around sunset one evening in October from near the Mass. Ave bridge. I used a polarizing lens, and the lighting was really interesting. I was also using Kodak Ektachrome 64 slide film, which is particularly good for cool colors, such as the sky. I have some more pictures that I took on a backpacking trip that I will post sometime soon as well.

Hancock Tower, Boston

Taken with Ektachrome 64 slide film.



Well, I’m done at Lawrence Livermore and I’m back in Boston for today, but I’m leaving tomorrow to go visit my family in Chicago. Somehow it ended up being easier to fly from San Francisco to Boston, and then buy a round trip flight from Boston to Chicago. Anway, I continuing my work at Livermore, and most importantly, keeping my supercomputer access.