Well, I’ve been busy since my last post. Last weekend my family flew to Boston and we drove to Dartmouth to visit my sister Heather. We had a good visit, and even did a hike in the snow! New Hampshire has already had some snow, and it hasn’t melted at higher altitudes. Hopefully ski areas will be opening soon. We also went to a Dartmouth hockey game which was a lot of fun, despite the fact that Dartmouth lost in sudden death overtime with 20 seconds left. Overall, Dartmouth has a similar feel to Northwestern, except for the fact that Northwestern is somewhere while Dartmouth is in the middle of nowhere. Although I choose schools based on their proximity to ski areas, so Dartmouth scores highly.

Northwestern beat Iowa last week and Michigan almost lost to Ball State last weekend. This was awesome, because I hate Michigan and Iowa (but especially Michigan). Northwestern is starting to get things together, and I think they can be mildly competitive against OSU this week. Many of you will remember that I was predicting Michigan’s only loss to be to Ball State last spring when I looked at their schedule, so I was almost correct. They are going to get destroyed by OSU, so it won’t matter anyway.

Although they lost 17-3, Northwestern almost scored a touchdown. So they almost lost 17-10, which is almost a game. And if they didn’t keep throwing interceptions in the endzone and at the worst possible times, they might even have looke dgood. At least they didn’t blow any 35 point leads this week.